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Cavity Wall Claims

The purpose of a cavity wall installation is to create an energy efficient home. In the UK, properties require superior insulation to protect against loss of heat in the home during the cooler temperatures. Although a valuable additional for any property, the unfortunate occurrence of property damage or incorrect placement of the cavity can lead to a multitude of problems.

We at Swift Lawyers do not believe that our clients should have to cover the costs and suffer the inconveniences of poor standards of workmanship. As leading solicitors and conveyancing lawyers in the UK, we understand the legal matters and requirements surrounding properties. Our professional team will assist in representing your cavity wall claims with the care and the attention it deserves.

Cavity wall installation

When cavity wall insulation is incorrectly installed, it can cause all sorts of problems. These damages can lead to additional expenses as surrounding structured are affected. The issues of poor wall cavity installs include:

• Damp patches on walls and ceiling
• Mould on walls, ceiling or window frame
• Mould on clothing, furniture and curtains
• Rotten woodwork
• Damaged brickwork
• Damp smell
• Rooms that can’t be used
• Having to decorate or clean the walls to hide the problem
• In some cases health problems including respiratory difficulties and asthma complications.

Have you been affected?

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