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Cavity Wall Claims

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Cavity Wall Claims

Cavity wall insulation has been installed in millions of homes throughout the UK, often for free, as part of a government or energy provider scheme to reduce energy bills and the UK’s carbon footprint.

However, many of these homes have been damaged as a result of having cavity wall insulation installed incorrectly or in unsuitable properties and now suffer problems. People whose homes have been damaged by poorly installed cavity wall insulation are entitled to claim compensation to cover the cost of removing the cavity wall insulation and repairing any damage.

Wrongly installed cavity wall insulation can cause all sorts of problems, including:

• Damp patches on walls and ceiling
• Mould on walls, ceiling or window frame
• Mould on clothing, furniture and curtains
• Rotten woodwork
• Damaged brickwork
• Damp smell
• Rooms that can’t be used
• Having to decorate or clean the walls to hide the problem
• In some cases health problems such as an increase in breathing problems/asthma

Have you been affected?

If so, contact our legal team on 01942 886825 for a free initial consultation and find out if you could be entitled to compensation.

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