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A visit to the local physician or undergoing surgery is a part of general medical care. Unfortunately, when doctors do not act in our best interests, we suffer the damages and the costs. From the incorrect diagnosis to poor rehabilitation or incorrect treatments, when medical practitioners make a clinical mistake, it is you and your loved ones who suffer at their negligence.

Whether you have received treatment from the NHS or private doctor, call on us if suspected medical negligence has occurred. As professional lawyers in the UK, we understand the law and deliver our expertise to handle your claims. The incompetence on behalf of a doctor, surgeon or healthcare provider can have a negative impact on your health, work life and personal life. Allow us to protect your rights by seeking the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Swift Lawyers is your trusted conveyancer and solicitor lawyers in the UK. We handle various claims of medical negligence and always act in the best interests of our clients. When you seek compensation, we help you along the legal process from filing of paperwork to researching your claim. We provide court representation should the matter not be settled out of court.

Compensation can be granted for a range of factors such as:

  • Loss of income
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Cost of care and equipment
  • Cost of adapting your home
  • To cover the psychological impact of the negligence
  • Impact it has had on your lifestyle, for example restricting your hobbies

Whether surgical, local physical or dental visit, call on us today at 01942 886825, for a free initial consultation. Our professional lawyers are standing by to address your medical and clinical negligence claims.

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